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Out of Office

autoresponder automation for MailEnable

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This utility provides automated management of autoresponders using email. You need only send it an email, and the subject and body of your message will be used to create an "out-of-office" autoresponder for your mailbox. This enables users to create, activate and deactivate autoresponders without having to use webmail or without having to rely on administrators doing this for them.

. installation

  • extract the contents of the archive to a folder of your choice

  • in MailEnable, create a new mailbox named "out-of-office"

  • enable "out-of-office.wsf" as a delivery event for the mailbox you just created

. use

To enable the service, a user will first send an email to "". The subject and body of this message will be used by the autoresponder, so choose them accordingly.

The service will then send the user an email containing a confirmation code. In order to activate the service, the user will need to reply to this message, and make sure that the confirmation code is contained in the message body.

At this point, the user will receive a confirmation mail and the service will be activated.

To disable it, the user just needs to send another message to "", the contents of which are irrelevant. Disabling the service does not require confirmation.

. system requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP, or 2003 Server

  • MailEnable Standard, Professional or Enterprise

. download

∇ Out-of-Office 0.1.8 EN / FR / BR / NL

released: 2007/03/19

size: 7 KB

This utility is considered freeware, and as such is provided free of charge, for both commercial and personal use.

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