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M E S p a m C . mailenable spamassassin client

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In order to use MESpamC, it needs to be installed, integrated with MailEnable, and configured. For the pickup event version, MailEnable integration can be done automatically, during installation, but configuration might nonetheless be required before MESpamC will begin to filter messages. Regardless of version and installation method, you are therefore strongly advised to read the documentation provided with each package.

. system requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP, or 2003 Server

  • MailEnable Standard, Professional or Enterprise

  • SpamAssassin spamd server (local or remote)

. download

∇ MESpamC 0.3.1

released: 2007/09/19

∇ MESpamCmde 0.2.5

released: 2006/09/21


MESpamC is provided as FREEWARE for private, non-profit, and educational use. Commercial, for-profit use of MESpamC requires registration, in this case the software being provided as SHAREWARE. Ordering is available through »

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