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M E S p a m C . mailenable spamassassin client

i n f o r m a t i o n

SpamAssassin is a highly efficient spam filtering system, commonly used to improve the spam filtering options available in MailEnable. Running SpamAssassin directly, however, especially on a Windows system, is quite inefficient and slow; as such, it is generally a better choice to use a SpamAssassin client instead. Not only does this improve performance, but also allows SpamAssassin to be kept on a separate machine - preferably under a Unix based operating system - which, besides providing better resource distribution in multi-server environments, also improves security by ensuring proper containment in case of an attack.

MESpamC is a SpamAssassin client designed specifically for MailEnable. Available as both pickup event and mailbox delivery event, it provides the necessary link between the MailEnable MTA and the SpamAssassin server daemon - spamd - regardless of whether the server instance of SpamAssassin be local or remote, running on Windows or Unix.

. MESpamC

One way to use MESpamC with MailEnable is to set it up as an MTA pickup event. This is the choice to make if filtering is to be done at the MTA level, i.e. for all messages passing through the server. Deployment is easy, as the event only needs to be activated once, and some measure of control is available via settings that instruct the event to trigger on incoming/outgoing messages, local/external sessions, catchall/registered mailboxes, etc.

. MESpamCmde

If more flexibility is desired, MESpamC is also available as a mailbox delivery event. Deployment of delivery events is something to consider, though, as it requires activation at the mailbox level. Doing this manually for a large number of users is highly inefficient; instead, an ASP automated setup page is provided, that can be used to activate or deactivate the event for a given email address.

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