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r e g i s t r a t i o n

As mentioned in the license, commercial, for-profit use of DKeyEvent requires registration. Registration helps support the development of DKeyEvent, while at the same time entitling the registrant to priority technical support; as such, registration is highly recommended, regardless of the licensing model assumed.

To register DKeyEvent, one must purchase a License Key. Secure online ordering is currently available through Share*it, the price of a license being EUR 30. The ordering process is completely automated, and a valid license key will be delivered to you immediately after completing the purchase.


Please note that licensing is done per server, with a license key being valid for one computer. Transfer of a license is permitted, however, and there is no charge associated with this.

If you have any questions regarding registration or licensing, please contact me.


DKeyEvent is provided as FREEWARE for private, non-profit, and educational use. Commercial, for-profit use of DKeyEvent requires registration, in this case the software being provided as SHAREWARE. Ordering is available through »

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